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    The Wuxi New Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Wuxi, a new Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. 
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    What is electroplating auxiliary equipment

    The accessories that must be provided for the plating bath of electroplating equipment include anode and anode basket or anode hook, electrode rod, power connecting wire, etc. In order to save investment, some factories do not use anode baskets and hook the anode directly to the plating bath, but at least cover the anode sleeve. The key of the power connection line is to ensure that it can pass the required current. It's better to use copper plate and multi strand cable, which must meet the requirements of cross-sectional area. Most anode baskets are made of titanium, and a few kinds of plating can also be made of stainless steel or steel. Electrode rod is a conductive rod used to hang anode and cathode and connect with power supply. It is usually made of copper bar or brass bar, slightly longer than the plating bath, and the diameter is determined by the current, but at least more than 5cm.