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    The Wuxi New Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd.

    Wuxi, a new Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. 
    Address:, Luoshe Zhenyang City, Wuxi City 
    Chairman: Zeng Bay Mobile: 013906191683 
    Email: chuxinhuanbao@vip.163.com

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      The Wuxi New Environmental Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Taihu Lake, Wuxi peaches, Taihu Lake, next to the Grand Canal Luoshe Community, specialty pearl nationally known. North by 312 National Road, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity, Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway; east by the new long railway Xiyi highway, luonan Avenue, straight-through before the plant by tin Yang Highway Wuxi, Changzhou, transportation is very convenient.

    Wuxi entity of the new Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of plating equipment, painting equipment, environmental protection equipment, build factories there are thirty-two years old, is a vice chairman of China Surface Engineering Association executive director units, China Surface Engineering Association Electroplating Branch , painting branch vice president unit of China Surface Engineering Association, China Surface Engineering Association the special coating Member vice chairman of the unit, equipment and materials Member of China Surface Engineering Association vice chairman of the unit and president of the Association of Wuxi surface engineering units by The optimal combination of reform of the mechanism became a joint-stock enterprises, more than 120 existing staff, covers an area of 35,000 square meters, production plant and ancillary buildings of 25,000 square meters, 20 million yuan in fixed assets, liquidity 800 million, the plant has sufficient production inventory supplies of spare parts and services for users. In 2007 the output value of 60 million yuan, 70 million yuan in output value in 2008, completed in 2009 to 80 million yuan, 95 million yuan in 2010, completed in 2011 the output value of nearly 100 million. The factory is divided into independent contractor engineering workshop three (cold work sheet metal fitter assembly, plastic welding, engineering pipeline), machine shop, electrical control workshop. 91 Road, Hong Kong, China Enterprise Co., Ltd. joint venture, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and quality equipment. To highlight the expertise I founded the the Xishan city plating Environmental Institute of Technology, 1998 Jiangsu coating technology engineering company "to move and my company. May 1999 was successfully held in my company to do the "China Surface Engineering Association executive enlarged meeting. The concern and support of the national industry experts, teachers, colleagues, established in 2000, pioneered a new environmentally friendly, plating, coating materials, equipment Supermarket "(ie new technology information collected, the popularization and application of raw and auxiliary materials and auxiliary equipment market) - referred to as "the new supermarket. The whole company formed from manufacturing equipment design, installation and commissioning, process technology, and raw materials supporting the production of turnkey and after-sale service system, providing turnkey engineering-oriented the user enterprise equipment renovation and new plants. Factory Day celebrations of the 30th anniversary held in 2011, a review of our factory in the history of the development of the industry and look forward to a better service for the industry's future.Mr. Zeng Yong-kai, all staff in the new situation, and firmly plant transformation, strengthen enterprise management, continuous improvement of product quality. Surface industry set 32 years design and manufacturing experience, and an open mind to the domestic and international industry colleagues to learn. Sincerity, which are of faith, the technology new, new, quality products to a new, willing to excellence in high-tech and perfect service, loyal and reliable, with you and your business to your success. Convinced that you are scheduled to become permanent friends.